Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Xonxonata, in the Tall Oaks
This contribution summarizes archaeological and ethnohistoric investigations conducted at the old Chumash villages of Xonxon'ata (SBA-3404).
Located near Buellton, Santa Barbara County, California, the site yielded a rich assemblage of artifacts composed of flaked and ground stone tools, bone implements, shell and glass beads, and perishable remains such as cordage and twined basketry. The shell and glass beads, projectile points, and a series of radiocarbon dates indicates the village was occupied between circa A.D. 1300 and 1804. Despite its interior location, the deposit also produced a rich and varied faunal assemblage, including relatively high densities of marine fish and shellfish. The presence of this material, combined with the beads and other non-local commodities, reveal the existence of an extensive coastal-interior trade network that may be unique to south central California. These findings, when combined with data from several other sites within the region, provide some interesting insights regarding the origin and development of this important system of exchange.

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